tfw no chantry

TES V Skyrim - Beautiful Landscape(x)
TES V Skyrim - Beautiful Landscape


Real Hospicio del Ave María y San Fernando / Royal Hospice of San Fernando - architect Pedro de Ribera, Madrid, Spain  (by Li Taipo)


Reblogging because I love this: Turians turning innocent human sayings into weird sexual innuendos


KTZ S/S 2015

Killed by Eddie Gluskin

watch da:i be the exact opposite of mass effect 3 

and the only survivor of the final battle in the fade is the inquisitor

and she mourns her LI and all her friends cus all her friends are fucking dead


Cullen in “The Enemies of Thedas” trailer (◕‿◕✿)

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I’ve made myself at home in the cobwebs and the lies.